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Associate Teaching Pathway (ATP)

What is the ATP?

The Associate Teaching Pathway (ATP) is a practice-based, structured route to support research associates, university teachers, demonstrators, technical tutors and technical instructors in developing their teaching and learning skills. Successful completion leads to national recognition of your practice from the Higher Education Academy.

Programme Director, Dr Deena Ingham D.Ingham@lboro.ac.uk

What is the ATP?

The ATP (Associate Teaching Pathway) is a practical, non-credit bearing, route for development of knowledge, practical skills and confidence within teaching, student engagement, management of learning environments, assessment and understanding of UK HE.

Successful completion and demonstration of development aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework enables recognition at either Associate or full Fellow recognition by the Higher Education Academy. 

Who can take the ATP?

The ATP is specifically for colleagues who play a role in developing student learning but who are not lecturers. Those particularly supported are Claims University Teachers, those in SSA Research and Technical Services (technicians, demonstrators) and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). GTAs will all have a place on the ATP automatically. 

What does it cover?

The ATP content has been built in consultation with colleagues who have undertaken teaching programmes and who are not lecturers, but who play a huge and important part in our students' academic experience.

The programme, which makes up the Pathway, is structured around research in your School/Department; a faciliated practice sharing session and then a chance for you to pull together resulting enhancements to your practice. These enhancements pull together to support you to apply for recognition under the HEA-accredited internal Loughborough CPD Scheme called LUPE. 

Activities in the programme encompass induction; learning online and face to face; teaching; peer observations; large group teaching; voice training for teaching; a developmental observation of your practice; assessment and feedback, and evaluating your impact on student learning. 

What is the structure and how much time does the ATP take?

The ATP consists of 70 hours spread over 10 weekly blocks, and includes your own teaching time when you will be putting your learning into practice.  Each facilitated session will be held over a bring your own lunch 12-2 session, and these will take place twice in the programme duration on different weekdays to maximise accessibility for colleagues.  

There are two course starts each year - January and September. Each programme will run for 6 months and colleagues will then submit their collated work for HEA recognition to the nearest accredited LUPE Scheme panel. 

How to enrol

Contact the Programme Director Deena Ingham d.ingham@lboro.ac.uk for more details or complete and forward the form (available below) to CAP@lboro.ac.uk with ATP Application in the email subject field.