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Module feedback system

  • We undertook a review of module feedback system

This page provides supporting information you need to operate the University’s module feedback process in accordance with the Code of Practice on Student Module Feedback 

This Code of Practice is supported by Student Module Feedback Operational Guidance which can be found below:

Further advice on accessing feedback results via LUSI can be found here:


Creating module feedback forms

  • Click on the module feedback form template. You will need OMR Bubble Font installed on your computer for this form to open correctly. This font is available for installation from IT services – go to control panel on your computer, click on “Run Advertised Programs”, scroll down the list until you find OMR Bubble Font and click to install.
  • Type in the semester/date and department/school name.
  • You may also want to complete the module code and the programme code before printing.
  • Copy and paste your department/school’s chosen optional questions from the optional question bank into the template, ensuring that the font is not altered in any way and that the form layout remains unchanged.
  • Ensure you also copy the corresponding question number into the column on the right hand side of the form.

Module Feedback form November 2015 

Optional questions for module feedback 

Creating project / dissertation feedback forms

  • Click on the project/dissertation feedback form template.
  • Apart from the 2 mandatory questions, this form allows departments/schools an unrestricted choice of questions. There is no optional question bank associated with this form.

Project Dissertation Feedback Form‌ 

Printing the forms

  • Forms must be printed on white paper minimum 80g using quality laser printers or Multi-Function Devices
  • Forms must be printed in black and white and be double-sided. Choose the ‘flip on short side’ option when printing on both sides to ensure the text is correctly orientated on the final form.
  • A batch of forms must be printed on a single printing device – preferably in the same operation since this helps to minimise any variation in alignment and improves the scanning of completed forms.
  • Print one extra form for each batch of forms printed.
  • Do not photocopy the form – print sufficient originals.
  • Contact the Print Unit  if you need large numbers of forms (100+).

Preparing completed forms for scanning

  • Try to keep the forms free from creases/folds etc.
  • Remove any blank (uncompleted) forms – these do not need scanning and disrupt the scanning process.
  • Collate completed forms so that they are all the same way up.
  • Place one blank original with each batch of completed forms. This will be used for text alignment purposes.
  • Forms should then go to the Print Unit, Herbert Manzoni Building for processing. Forms should either be delivered in person or by using the collection service provided by the Print Unit. Contact the Print Unit  to arrange collection.

Accessing questionnaire data

  • In order to do this, you must have been given permission to view the module feedback area on LUSI. Even if you are already a LUSI user, you may not have access to the relevant area of the system.
  • To request LUSI access, go to http://www.lboro.ac.uk/admin/ar/training/lusi/access.htm,  scroll down to the “Module Feedback” block.
  • Quantitative data will be available via LUSI to nominated school/departmental staff, normally within one week of completed questionnaires being scanned by the Print Unit.
  • Nominated school/department staff will also be able to access qualitative data for individual modules via a link on the LUSI report pages.

Generating programme / part reports

Guidance on how to generate programme/part reports is available here:

Programme level feedback instructions 

Note that you will also need an Excel template in order to manipulate the data you export from LUSI.  This is available here:

Programme Feedback Master Template 

Reports can be easily generated including data for all questions and data for a subset of questions (Q1- 12 only). This latter function enables compliance with AQPH on the presentation of data at SSLCs.

Programme feedback

Since 2008, departments/schools are no longer required to collect end of programme feedback.

For further advice and support regarding programme feedback, please contact Caroline Smith.