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Lee Barnett

Photo of  Lee Barnett

Senior Technology Enhanced Learning Officer

I originally joined Loughborough University in 1994 as an engineering research associate working on projects with companies like Ford Motor Company and British Aerospace investigating the use of flexible production tooling and the use of e-learning training technologies.

Following this I moved into industry and worked for a number of years in e-media production houses creating bespoke training software and documentation for organisations like TRW, TNT and Boots.

In 2005 I returned to Loughborough University as an e-learning officer as part of the e-learning team, joining the teaching centre (now the Centre for Academic Practice) in August 2011.

My primary role is to support academics in using e-learning technologies, whilst advising on the pedagogy of their use. I have responsibility for Science and SSEHS and try to ensure the relevant uptake of e-learning technologies rather than the use of technology for technology’s sake. I am also involved in the New Lecturers Course and act as webmaster for several different University websites.

My particular interests include accessible web development, the use of mobile technology to serve e-learning resources and the development of bespoke e-media resources to meet teaching needs.