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Trevor Jones


After a successful career in the Police Force, in which he reached the rank of Superintendent, Trevor Jones distinguished himself greatly by developing the University’s Chief Security Officer role in the wider community, outside of campus. He understood the need for the University to be pro-active, especially in those areas off-campus where increasing numbers of undergraduates are living amongst permanent residents. By dealing swiftly and fairly with the kinds of problems that 12,000 students can cause in a town of fewer than 60,000 inhabitants, Trevor became the caring and listening ear of the University within the community.

Through all the challenges which have faced the University and the Town in recent years, Trevor has been a trusted and highly valued channel of communication. He made a point of personal visits to follow up complaints. He knew many long term residents personally. He made it his business to be the human face of the institution which employed him. He willingly attended community meetings at any hour bringing to them his genuine concern and special warmth and friendship. In all these activities, Trevor was completely professional and trustworthy, representing the University fairly at all times. He is the most self-effacing of people, never seeking credit for himself.

The University and the local community have every reason to honour together the exceptional service above and beyond the responsibility of his office, which he gave. Therefore Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Trevor Jones.

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H.D.McCullam@lboro.ac.uk, July 2002
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