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David Ayres


The Hall system at Loughborough is an integral part of the Student Experience. At its heart are the wardens, staff who provide pastoral leadership, and much more, to students here. In his period of 14 years as Warden of Elvyn Richards Hall, between 1986 and 1999, David Ayres gave exceptional service of stewardship in the largest hall on campus and influenced generations of students by his personal example.

David’s approach to the wardenship was characterized by his concern that the hall affairs should be managed correctly, and above all by his deep personal commitment to the students in his care.

David felt passionately about his pastoral responsibilities. To him, and to his wife, students were their family. In 14 years they were never absent from hall at a weekend. He was always available to his students and put an enormous amount of time into helping anyone who had difficulties of any kind. He cared passionately about the hall system.

David was a trusted and valued colleague, always ready to support and offer practical and effective advice to new wardens.

He remains deeply respected and admired by his students and was recognized as fair and always acting with the best interests of the student community at heart.

Therefore Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you David Ayres, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal.

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