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Jim White

Chancellor, Lord Lieutenant, Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood, Graduands, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jim White became an employee of the University in 1979. He has been Warden of William Morris Hall for the last 8 years during which he has made a massive impact on Hall life spanning sport, social life and rag fundraising for charity.

Jim's involvement with and support for student activities is legendary. With Jim's enthusiastic support, last year alone William Morris Hall raised over £14,000 for charity, and it has raised around £70,000 over the last five years.

His personal commitment and sacrifices are visible to all. We recall his shaven head in the 'baldy warden' competition; the difference between me and Jim is that with Jim you really notice it! I have personally been kidnapped at Jim's instigation, and released, despite the fact that lots of donors gave funding to keep me in captivity. No-one is immune: Jim has also engineered for charity the kidnapping of a Cabinet Minister. He has parachuted, walked on glass and walked on fire, and has somehow managed to remain a committed family man, with a wife and four children.

Jim's commitment to supporting people is evidenced by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere which he has created in Bill Mo, an exemplary contribution to the Loughborough Student Experience.

All this is on top of his demanding 'real' job, as Administrator in Loughborough University School of Art and Design, where his presence has been vital in ensuring the successful integration of the School, following its merger with the University in 1998.

Therefore Chancellor, I present to you and to the whole University, Jim White, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal.

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