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Pam Cooke

Chancellor, Lord Lieutenant, Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood, Graduands, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pam Cooke began employment with the University in September 1973 as a bedroom cleaner in the Holt Hall. After a spell at Rutland Hall she was appointed as Housekeeper to the late Elfyn Richards at University House, which at that time was the official residence of the Vice-Chancellor.

Since then until she retired in September last year, Pam was responsible for all entertaining within University House. This has involved serving royalty including Her Majesty the Queen, as well as business leaders, civic dignitaries, senior University officers, visiting Professors, overseas visitors and members of the academic community.

Pam has given long and faithful service to the University as a loyal member of staff in the Residential Organisation over 27 years. She has always carried out her duties most diligently and with a delightful sense of humour which has enabled her to remain unruffled at all times, to make light of difficult situations, and to manage the most demanding of programmes.

Therefore Chancellor, I present to you and to the whole University, Pam Cooke, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal.

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