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Jennifer Sherwood

Thursday 13 July 2006


Jennifer Sherwood has worked as a University nurse for 31 years. During this time she has provided a tremendous service to the University and to our students. Everyone agrees that she is able to cope with any eventuality. She has the ability to diffuse any tensions or difficulties that arise. Jennifer has outstanding triage skills and like the very best healthcare professionals she knows instinctively when a further referral is necessary. For example, she has picked up the early signs and symptoms of meningitis on more than one occasion, thereby avoiding possible loss of life. Her skills are not just in the clinical arena, her personal and consulting skills are second to non and she seems to be able to develop an instant rapport with students and staff alike.

Jennifer is a model colleague; she seems never to be sick herself and she is always willing to cover the absence of colleagues at very short notice above and beyond the call of duty. Furthermore as Jennifer has a wealth of experience, she is always a great source of knowledge and a resource base for all her colleagues.

Jennifer is living proof that a high quality nurse is multiskilled and multitalented and I understand that she has at one time or another stood in for or supported most other team members in their duties at the medical centre.

Both professionally and personally Jennifer has always given more than could be reasonably expected. It will not surprise you to hear that in the Kegworth air disaster on Jan 8th 1989, Jennifer was on the scene immediately and was one of the first nurses to offer assistance to the emergency services. Closer to home, she treated a patient in a state of collapse in William Morris hall prior to an ambulance arriving and she was highly praised by the paramedics for her life saving work. She is an example to all of us and we are privileged to have worked with her.

Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Jennifer Laura Sherwood.


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