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Loughborough University Medal


Dave GIbbs

Tuesday 18 July at 10.30am


The University medal is awarded to members of staff who have made an exceptional contribution to the life of Loughborough University. Dave Gibbs, technical tutor in printmaking at Loughborough University School of Art and Design epitomises the intention of the medal.

He first started working at the Loughborough College of Art and Design 40 years ago, coincidentally the same year as the University first gained its charter.

He is a master printmaker and set about developing a first rate printing facility which is now the envy of many of our competitors. Although he is a first rate printmaker in his own right – he has chosen to focus his energies on sharing his printmaking knowledge and skills with generations of students rather than chasing artistic plaudits for himself. This marked unselfish and generous attitude has provided a harmonious learning environment of benefit to staff and students alike and has enabled Loughborough to develop as a focus for excellence in printmaking.

Dave’s nomination for this medal was very telling. It did not come from another member of staff as is often the case – but it come from the students of LUSAD. Sixty, no less, undergraduates signed the nomination form and I will read from their form to give you an idea of why they wanted to support him.

“Dave was one of the first people I met when I came to Loughborough and I was immediately impressed with his commitment to the wellbeing of the whole of the University (not just LUSAD). He cares about the staff and in his work with the Union has become a key confident for many staff and a careful and thoughtful negotiator.”

Dave must have seen Loughborough change dramatically, in the last 40 years. At that time, for example, the College of Art and Design became incorporated into the University and the student numbers have grown from 1,900 to 14,000. But throughout all this change Dave’s calm commitment has been consistent and we are indeed proud to be honouring him today in the award of this medal.

Therefore Chancellor I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Dave Gibbs.


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