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Loughborough University Medal


Viv Green

Friday 15 July 2005 at 3.00pm


Viv Green joined the university in January 1976. Since then she has been the embodiment of the University Arts Centre, in its many forms.

The 30 or so events which she organises every year are the public face of Viv’s work. The routine of this work is demanding in its own right. What epitomises Viv is the skill and commitment she has brought over all these years to the extraordinary breadth of her job:

  • The immaculate planning, administration and financial arrangements for events, including the huge unseen detail essential for their success;

  • The impresario, with exceptional initiative and ability to conclude frequently difficult and laborious negotiations which bring internationally renowned musicians, actors and dancers to Loughborough at outrageously low cost!

  • Looking after the every needs of these performers who, only occasionally of course, have the mercurial temperament which their fees elsewhere reflect!

  • Reaching out to the local community as well as to staff and students, creating huge goodwill in the process;

  • Helping to convince the Cope Trustees to provide a generous donation of more than £300,000 towards what is now a splendid hall for music and film.

  • Organising the music scholarships and 80 bursaries to support tuition for our musically gifted students;

  • Giving her time unstintingly to what is not just a demanding day job, but one which requires regular commitment in out-of-office hours.

It is characteristic of Viv, that she has contributed even more widely, as a regular member and frequent chair of the Consultative Committee between the University and Unison for many years, and helping unstintingly in the University-wide job evaluation programme.

Viv does all of this, apparently effortlessly, and with a charm, humour and enthusiasm that have earned the affection and respect of the thousands who have enjoyed the outcomes.

Therefore Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Vivien Green.


Loughborough University - Degree Speeches 2005, July 2005
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