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Loughborough University Medal


Jennifer Jean Wenham

Tuesday 13 July at 10.30am


Jen Wenham was appointed as Information Assistant in the Careers Service 29 years ago in 1975. Throughout this time, she consistently maintained her commitment and enthusiasm for the work at a very high level; she has a strong sense of purpose, a huge capacity for hard work and an unstinting generosity in the time she has given to the post.

Jen is not a graduate, but her responsibilities grew considerably until, with her promotion to Information Manager she led a team of five staff who were responsible for developing the information facilities, and for providing reception services and employer liaison.

Jen Wenham has set a very high standard of service for both employers and students. At one point she was solely responsible for much of the daily contact with these two groups. These tasks were later either shared with others or delegated, and the standards set by her are the standards now maintained throughout the Service.

There are hundreds of our graduates who have been successful in their job search because Jen was so conscientious, and had the initiative to ensure that our information was complete, comprehensive and fully up-to-date, or because she personally followed up an idea which led to a new employer contact.

In dealing with employers so efficiently and courteously and always being willing to go to any trouble to ensure they got the services they required, she has contributed greatly to the University’s outstanding reputation with employers.

Her enthusiasm and innovation remain undimmed after nearly 29 years, contributing new ideas and excited by new developments, – an inspiration to all of her colleagues. This was epitomised by her enthusiastic response to the introduction of computers to careers work, in which she was instrumental in the development of the Careers Service website, ensuring that it was always accurate and comprehensive.

Jen has given long service of exceptional quality and commitment. She has made a personal impact on the thousands of students who have used the Careers Service during her time. And she has been the best of ambassadors for the University to countless employers.

Therefore, Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Jennifer Jean Wenham.


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