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Loughborough University Medal


Trevor William Downham

Thursday 8 July 2004 at 10.30am


Trevor Downham has been an employee of Loughborough University for more than 20 years. He started with us in 1983 as a mechanical workshop technician specialising in computer numerically controlled machine-tools in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering. Over the years he has progressed through several positions of responsibility to his current post as Facilities Manager for the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Trevor’s contribution has been immense - to the University in general and to the Wolfson School in particular. He is well known as the person who will always go “the extra mile”. This has been a defining characteristic of Trevor from the day he joined the University, and all successive Heads of Department sing his praises.

Whilst Trevor’s contributions have been sustained over the twenty years he has worked for the University, there is one particular period that should be highlighted. This relates to the design, build and occupancy of the new Wolfson Building for the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering completed in Autumn 2000. He took a major lead in specifying the requirements, documenting the design, monitoring the building progress and for a period acting as project manager.

Moving the occupants of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering into the new building required 6 months’ planning with the intention of the move starting in July and extending over the 3 month summer period. In reality the building was not handed over by the contractors until the 17th September, just nine working days before the start of term – the original 3 month period to move the complete Department had shrunk to less than two weeks.

These two weeks turned out to be a shining example of Trevor’s leadership and team-working abilities. Coordinating the logistics of the move, the original Manufacturing Engineering building was completely emptied and the department re-established in its new facilities, over just a six-day period. It was an outstanding success with the new Wolfson School opening on time to receive its Fresher intake on Friday 29th September 2000.

Whilst I have highlighted this example of Trevor’s contribution – it is just that, an example. It illustrates his dedication and effectiveness in all his University activities since joining this institution – a commitment that remains undimmed to this day.

Therefore Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, Trevor William Downham.


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