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Loughborough University Medal


David John Bunker

Monday 12 July at 10.30am


David Bunker has been associated with Loughborough for more than 40 years, initially as a student of Physical Education and Geography at the then Loughborough College of Education, and for more than 30 years as a member of staff of the University in what is now the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

His service to Loughborough has been immense. He has delivered a wide range of exceptional teaching. He led development of teaching and research initiatives in what has become known as 'games for understanding' – an innovative concept now adopted world-wide. England rugby coach Andy Robinson has acknowledged David's work as critical in his own development.

In recent years he has been Director of Undergraduate Programmes in his department - a huge responsibility for 9 programmes and over 900 students. His knowledge of university policies and procedures is second-to-none, and his engagement with the detail of hundreds of exam profiles each year is legendary. His interaction with thousands of students over the years is recognised by past and present students alike - he knows them all. In the scale and pressure of the department, he maintains always the personal touch.

His wider contributions mark him as someone of truly exceptional commitment. He was Warden of the Holt for 13 years, where he and his wife Jan made their own special brand of the Loughborough Student Experience. For the last 7 years in hall, David combined this role with that of Chair of the Wardens’ Committee, to which he brought exceptional wisdom and experience. His advice and support have been valued by a generation of students and colleagues who regard David as a role-model par excellence, and a champion of collegiality.

On top of all of this, he was for many years Proctor and Senior Marshall. Meeting David in his role as Proctor was an unforgettable experience which many students brought before him would rather have avoided. But penalties, however severe, were always imposed with an over-riding concern for the welfare of the student.

As a University Marshall and latterly Senior Marshall he was responsible for much of the smooth ceremonial of these occasions. He has therefore over the years brought discipline alike to the progression of students and the procession of Officers and senior staff!

Therefore Chancellor, I am delighted to present to you, for the award of the Loughborough University Medal, David John Bunker.


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