School of Science

Equality and Diversity

Our commitment

The School of Science is committed to the Principles Athena SWAN and Project Juno, and wishes to attract, support and promote women in STEMM irrespective of position.

Underpinning Beliefs of the Athena SWAN Charter, which are also reflected in Project Juno, are:

  • The advancement of science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine is fundamental to quality of life across the globe.
  • It is vitally important that women are adequately represented in what has traditionally been, and is still, a male-dominated area.
  • Science cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population, and until women and men can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.

In support of the committment to the Principles Athena SWAN and Project Juno, the School is in the process of launching a range of staff support schemes of particular relevance to women in STEMM. These schemes, which are fully endorsed by the School of Science Senior Leadership Team, are based on the philosophy that the success of an individual member of the School, is a success for the School as a whole. The schemes are outlined below.

Further information about the University committment to Athena Swan is available here.

Staff Mentoring Scheme

For mentees this will be an opportunity for regular conversations with more experienced staff to receive independent and impartial personal careers and professional development advice. It is envisaged that the mentors will be staff who are in the same, or related, job family as the person they are mentoring, should be at least one career step ahead, and should not be the mentee's line manager.

Benefits for mentees include:

  • an open, frank and confidential conversation at least every two months about their career progression and work environment;
  • ideas to enable informed career decision making;
  • increased knowledge of employer requirements;
  • better understanding of University and business culture and career progression; and
  • advice on how to enhance communication and presentation skills so that mentees can present effectively their ideas and skills to employers.

Carer Grant Scheme

The School Senior Leadership Team have created a Carer Grant Scheme to enable staff who have carer responsibilities to attend conferences, research meetings, training and similar by contributing towards the cost of alternative carer provision. The scheme has been established in recognition that attendance at such events is important both for individuals and for the wider Loughborough community.