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5 Aug 2016

Loughborough student helps deliver Olympic coverage

Star Sports are the official broadcaster for the Rio Olympic Games in the Indian subcontinent, and current Loughborough University student Arvind Premanand has a key role to play for them in Rio.

Premanand is coming to the end of his placement year in Mumbai working for Star Sports, and his final role will see him work closely with the International Olympic Committee during the games.

“I approached Star Sports in Mumbai and they were happy to have me on board for the Olympics. It was a good fit as I have studied a lot about the Olympic Games while doing my Sport Management course at Loughborough, and I understand the intellectual property really well.”

When asked why he chose to study at Loughborough, Premanand commented:

“I have always loved all kinds of sport and Loughborough just seemed the place for me to be as the University has a very good reputation and amazing infrastructure. I really wanted to pursue a career in the sport industry so the Sport Management course was very appealing.”

The course turned out to be a perfect fit for Premanand in preparation for his role with Star Sports, especially due to the inclusion of some particular modules: Olympic Studies and Sport Law.

“Olympic Studies really educates you about the magnitude of the Olympics, for example how it is so much more than a sporting event and how it is a platform for the world to unite. While most Indians recognise what the Olympics are, not all have grasped the grandeur and aura that comes with it, so this is what we want to convey to them at Star. Now, with our largest ever contingent heading to Rio, it is a perfect opportunity to send this message across to the masses.”

“Sport Law is also crucial because it educates you on brand protection and anti-ambush marketing, which are two things that I'm directly responsible for at Star Sports. It was one of my favourite modules so I'm pleased that I'm getting to apply it in the work place.” 

In his time with Star Sport, Premanand has been working on the operations and execution of the Rio Olympics for the Indian subcontinent, which consists of seven countries and 25% of the world population.

“My main role at Star is to ensure that the Olympic brand is protected on any editorial content, for example, any studio shows, commentary, graphics or athlete stories that go on air. Therefore I ensure the Olympic intellectual property, i.e. the mascot, rings, flag and terminology are used correctly and in accordance with the Olympic brand.” 

“In addition to this, I also work with OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) to collate important technical information to communicate with various teams in the company. This involves understanding everything about the Olympic match feeds and various value added services associated with the event.”

Working with Star Sports has been a great experience for Premanand, and the opportunity to work closely with the IOC has been a key element of this.

“Working with the IOC is a very unique experience. The Olympics is not only the most prestigious event on the planet, it is also one of most heavily protected intellectual properties. Through my work with the IOC, I have gained invaluable insight into the functioning of the IOC, and I have also learnt about the various processes involved in executing the Olympics. I now have a greater understanding of the amount of effort that goes into protecting the sanctity of the Olympic movement worldwide.”

After the Olympics, Premanand will be returning to Loughborough to complete his course. He believes that working in the lead up to, and during the Olympics will provide a great platform for his studies, particularly as he plans to complete a dissertation on the sustainability of the Olympics.

“I have learnt a lot through discussions with the IOC and OBS and gained an insight into one of the most exciting markets at this point (India). From the IOC, I have learnt about the Olympic brand and the incredible effort that goes into organising The Games, and from OBS, I have learnt how the event is broadcasted to the world and how they put together such a magnificent show. From Star Sports, I have learnt how to curate what the IOC and OBS give us and make it relevant to the Indian audience!”

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