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Study options and how to apply


If you are having difficulty obtaining financial support we strongly advise you to make early contact with local offices of the British Council for information about scholarships. The British Council is also a useful source of general information about studying and living in the UK. 

Excellence Scholarship

Students studying Loughborough-based full-time MSc courses starting October 2017 are eligible for excellence scholarship fee reductions as follows:

  • 25% reduction for students who hold the equivalent of a UK first class honours degree
  • 10% reduction for students who hold the equivalent of an upper second class degree
  • There is no scholarship for students with the equivalent of a lower second class degree

Alumni Bursary

A 20% Bursary is available to all EU/UK/International applicants who are also Alumni of Loughborough University.

Please note that students can only hold one Loughborough University scholarship or bursary. Students qualifying for 2 bursaries (e.g. international student alumni with 1st Class degree) receives one bursary (whichever is the higher).

The John Pickford Fund

John Pickford OBE founded WEDC in 1971. The John Pickford Fund provides support for students from low- and middle-income countries to study with WEDC. A small number of partial scholarships is available each year. john-pickford-application-form.

UK/EU Scholarships – Loughborough University web page

Further information is available at: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/next-steps/taught/

International scholarships – Loughborough University web page

Further information is available at: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/students/finance/international/scholarships/

Postgraduate Student Loans

All postgraduate master’s qualifications, such as an MA, MSc, MRes, MBA, MEd and LLM are covered by the loan, and you can study either full-time, over one or two years, or part-time, for instance, a one-year full-time course studied over two years. The £10,280 can be used to pay for your tuition fees or other costs associated with studying, such as accommodation or course expenses.

The loan scheme is principally for UK students, aged under 60, and who do not already have an MSc. Some EU nationals may also be eligible.

For more information, please click here.

Please note: This is a loan which will need to be repaid, rather than a scholarship or bursary which would not need to be repaid.


Loughborough University Development Trust (LUDT) Scholarships

These distance learning bursaries are available thanks to the Loughborough University Development Trust, which raises funds from former students, other friends of the University, and some grant-awarding bodies. These include: Loughborough University Alumni – Class of 1963, the Bechtel Foundation and the Waterloo Foundation.

This scholarship is primarily aimed at people who have not yet commenced any studies with WEDC and the following comments relate to such applicants. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must first be in receipt of an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER of a place to study on a Postgraduate Certificate programme for which the scholarship can be awarded OR a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc programme (which will include the same four modules as the Certificate programme).

There are no LUDT scholarships currently available – if you would like to be informed when future scholarships become available, please request this in an email to WEDC-admissions@lboro.ac.uk.

A LUDT Scholarship subsidises study of up to four distance learning modules. The subsidy is such that scholars pay only £300 per module for the four subsidised modules. The scholarship award is restricted to students from certain low-income countries. Click LUDT countries to see the list of qualifying countries. Full information about how the scholarship is administeredwill be released when scholarships are available.

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) provides scholarships for students to study WEDC MSc programmes by Distance Learning. Scholarships are available to applicants who are nationals of, and resident in, Commonwealth countries. Click CSC countries for a list of qualifying countries.

WEDC applies for these scholarships annually.

There are no CSC scholarships currently available – if you would like to be informed when future scholarships become available, please let us know by email to WEDC-admissions@lboro.ac.uk.

John Kirke Scholarship

We are delighted that GHK Consulting Limited has kindly provided a scholarship fund in memory of one of their founders, John Kirke.

The John Kirke scholarship provides a subsidy to the module fee such that the scholar pays only £300 of the current fee for the Urban Infrastructure module. The student's contribution has to be paid two months before the commencement of the module.

Applicants must be a national of, and resident in, one of the low-income countries on the list provided in the details about the award as shown below.

You do not have to be enrolled on one of our programmes (i.e. Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc) to qualify for this award. The Urban Infrastructure module can be studied as a stand-alone module for professional development.

The selection criteria are based on:

  • The applicant being a national of, and resident in, one of the low- or middle-income countries on the list provided here: John Kirke Scholarship - eligible countries
  • The past academic performance of the applicant;
  • The contents of two letters of reference that are received to support the student's application for the scholarship;
  • The contents of a personal statement by the student to explain the benefits to them and people in developing countries that will arise from them studying the Urban Infrastructure module; and
  • The source of funds for the balance of the fees. Applicants who will be sponsored by their employers will be given a lower weighting than applicants who are self-funded.


Download the pdf for more information and an application form for partial sponsorship of the Urban Infrastructure distance learning module for the study session starting on 15 January each year. The closing date for receipt of originals of completed application forms AND all associated documents is mid-November.

Further information about the John Kirke Scholarship

John Kirke Scholarship Fund - Application form - January 2018

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

  • You might also find it helpful to refer to The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online. The Alternative Guide (AGO) is a new web resource for current and prospective postgraduate students (any subject, any nationality) who are looking to fund PhD, Masters, and PGCE study in the UK through grants from charities, trusts, and foundations.