Water, Engineering and Development Centre

Study options and how to apply

Flexible ways to study

We offer a variety of options for when, where and how programmes can be studied, so that you can choose the right combination for you.

Study at WEDC in the UK

This form of study we refer to as 'face-to-face learning' or 'Loughborough-based'. The programmes include group lectures and seminars that take place in dedicated rooms in the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering at Loughborough University in the UK.

Studying in Loughborough, you benefit by meeting and interacting personally with WEDC staff and fellow students who typically travel from a wide range of countries. This provides the opportunity for sharing experiences and peer support. 

Our face-to-face MSc programmes are designed to be studied over 12 months, although the period can be extended to 16 months if you require.

For enquiries about our Loughborough based programmes, contact our Admissions Administrator.

Study by distance learning

Distance learning provides the opportunity for to study in your own home, your place of work or whilst you are on the move. We send all the resources you need by courier.

The duration of distance learning MSc programmes is more flexible than those studied at Loughborough. By studying two modules a year, the full programme can be completed in five years.

However, it is quite possible to study multiple modules at once, in which case you will finish much sooner. Alternatively, provided you complete the whole programme in eight years, you can take a break from studying if you wish.

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For full information, download the pdf file Distance Learning Opportunities with WEDC

Most of our programmes have more than one start date. For example, our face-to-face MSc programmes start in October or November, whilst our distance learning programmes start in January or July.

You can also study our programmes by mixing distance learning modules with Loughborough-based modules. For further information on this 'blended' approach, please contact our Admissions Administrator.

Maximum lengths of study

The maximum lengths of study for distance learning programmes are as follows:

  • MSc: 8 years
  • Diploma: 5 years
  • PG Certificate: 3 years
  • Professional development modules: 5 months

The length of study for a Loughborough-based programme is one year.