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This page provides links to organisations and societies that promote activities in systems science and engineering both in UK and around the world


Organisations and Societies in UK


  2.  UK Systems Society
  3.  The OR Society Operational Research,  Birmingham UK
  4.  UK Intelligent Systems Research Institute PERA
  5.  Cybernetics Society London
  6.  MSSI Management Science Society of Ireland


International Organisations and Societies


  1. INCOSE International Council of Systems Engineering
  2. AESS (IEEE) Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society
  3. CAS (IEEE) Circuits & Systems Society
  4. CSS (IEEE) Control Systems Society
  5. SMC (IEEE) Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society
  6. ISSS International Societies for The Systems Sciences
  7. International Institute for General Systems Studies IIGSS
  8. World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics WOSC
  9. International Society of Knowledge and Systems Science ISKSS
  10. Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
  11. International Federation For Systems Research IFSR
  12. Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Systems
  13. Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems MASCOS
  14. Santa Fe Institute
  15. Health Systems Global
  16. International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Online IASCYS
  17. Centre for Complex Systems Science CSIRO
  18. International Systems Institute ISI
  19. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  20. European Coordinated Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI)
  21. Association Francaise de Science des Systemes (AFSCET)
  22. Sociedad Espanola de Sistemas Generales (SESGES)
  23. World Future Studies Federation (WFSF)
  24. Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)