Sports Technology Institute


Mr Rob Leach BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, Loughborough University, 2011, MSc Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University, 2012

Photo of Mr Rob Leach

Postgraduate Researcher


I studied at Loughborough University for both my undergraduate and master’s degrees as part of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences gaining a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc in Sports Biomechanics. Following my master’s degree I continued at Loughborough University commencing a PhD in golf biomechanics as part of the Sport Technology Research Group.

Current Interests

My research involves the use of technology in golf to measure performance and understand the movement itself more thoroughly. Technologies to measure performance outcomes of a golf shot, such as club head velocity, are increasingly common and my work has compared the outputs of different types of technology, as well as applying novel technology to club head and ball tracking. Following-on from this the shot outcomes have been linked to the swing itself through motion analysis to more thoroughly understand exactly how golfers achieve different outcomes. The ultimate aim is to improve both scientific and coach understanding of the golf swing.

Out of the lab…

Away from my research I enjoy getting involved with and play sport. But it’s not all about sport and I do enjoy keeping up-to-date with current affairs, reading about history as well as other aspects of science and of course socialising with friends and family.