Sports Technology Institute


Mr Michael Ferrandino BSc (Hons), Sport Science with Physiology, University of Leeds, 2008, MSc by Research, Biomechanics, University of Leeds, 2013

Photo of Mr Michael Ferrandino

Postgraduate Researcher

PhD title: Artificial Turf Surfaces for Rugby

The focus of my project is to try and understand how rugby players interact with the surface. Much of the knowledge we currently have is from mechanical test devices or work conducted in other sports. Using the motion capture system here at the STI I am hoping to compare the movement of players on grass and artificial pitches, quantifying how the boot and studs interact with the turf and the forces involved.

Outside of Sports Tech

I like most sports and will take part or spectate whenever I'm given the opportunity. Outside of my PhD I also work as the strength and conditioning coach for Northampton County Cricket Club's academy squad. Between my undergraduate and masters degrees I was the Head of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Leeds.