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Mr Jonas Christensen BSc, Physical Education, University of Copenhagen, MSc, Sports Technology, Aalborg University

Photo of Mr Jonas Christensen

Postgraduate Researcher


At the University of Copenhagen I studied Physical Education. This program is concerned with human anatomy, biomechanics and human physiology. As the university excels in the field of physiology, that became a natural “main focus” on my BSc. My bachelor project was concerned with quantifying the acute and long-term effects on insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation of an isoenergetic diet rich in either saturated fatty acids or polyunsaturated fatty acids in untrained men.

Following the completion of my BSc I moved to Aalborg to undertake a masters in Sports Technology at Aalborg University. As part of the program you undertake two main projects each year in addition to mandatory courses. These projects were concerned with the following:

  • Quantifying bicycling shorts-padding and saddle groove effect in relieving perineal pressure
  • Developing a 3D printed subject specific knee-orthosis to offloading of the ACL
  • Quantifying forehand topspin kinematics and grip pressure.
  • MSc thesis: Quantifying on-court effects on player performance by modifying racket polar mass-moment-of-inertia.


Current Interests:

My research is concerned with quantifying player performance. Kinematics, grip-pressure, racket mechanics and perception are my main areas of interest. As the possibilities within modern technology (i.e. Trackman, Playsight, Motion Capture, IMU) have increased dramatically, I believe it’s vital that we adapt our approach to producing sports equipment. This will lead to an increased understanding of the relation in equipment and human interaction.

Utilizing and understanding the output of these technologies is a main aim in my research and I hope I can affect and optimize future strategic production of tennis rackets.


Out of the lab…

When not working on my research I like to engage in sports. Whether it being racket sports, football, sailing or climbing - I like a challenge. Other than that I spend time with friends and exploring the UK – which is great.