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Mr Jon Farmer BSc (DIS), Sports Technology, Loughborough University

Photo of Mr Jon  Farmer

Postgraduate Researcher


As an undergraduate I studied Sports Technology at Loughborough University where I graduated with a first class honors degree in 2015. My placement year was also at the Sports Technology Institute where I was able to support ongoing collaborative research. The main highlights of this experience included developing and implementing an international surface testing protocol for FIFA, supporting a high level collaboration to test the efficacy of PPE used within basketball and representing the institute at a Paralympic event in Rome. Post-placement I was awarded an ESPRC summer scholarship to progress the development of a novel test facility for the institute.

Current Interests

My research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of head and neck injuries during sports; in particular I am interested in Rugby and American Football. The work is a continuation of my final year undergraduate dissertation titled ‘Human Impact Simulation Rig Development’. The test facility will allow for the ethical reconstruction of player to player and projectile to player collisions. The involvement of biofidelic human surrogates and (novel) instrumentation will allow for the improved understanding of the phenomena involved in these collisions. The main outcome of my research will be a human neck surrogate with improved biofidelicity to allow for repeatable and representative testing.

Out of the lab…

I am a competitive road cyclist and road cycling fan. I enjoy being a spectator for most other sports but in particular I have a passion for motorsports.