Sports Technology Institute


Mr Ben Stone BSc, Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Leeds, MSc, Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University

Photo of Mr Ben  Stone

Postgraduate Researcher


I studied Sport and Exercise at the University of Leeds, where I graduated in 2013. I then studied Sports Biomechanics here at Loughborough University and graduated in 2014. Following my masters degree I interned in the FUTURE Sports Research department of adidas in the US, where I predominantly worked on basketball and running footwear. I then completed a project within the Sports Technology Institute researching the methodology used in the recently revised British Standard for head protectors in cricket.

Current Interests

My research is concerned with understanding the mechanics of a head impact in projectile sports, with a specific focus on cricket. Although there has been significant research into the mechanics of head collisions in sports such as Rugby and American Football, little has been done in regard to fast moving projectile impacts and as a result the understanding of these collisions is limited. The overall aim of providing a more thorough understanding of the mechanics of these types of collisions and the identification of important parameters would prove useful for medical professionals and manufacturers of protective equipment.

Out of the lab…

Other than playing and watching various sports, I enjoy going to the cinema, reading and playing the guitar (with limited success).