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Dr Aimée Mears PhD MSc BSc

Photo of Dr Aimée Mears


Outline of main research interests: 

  • Human- sport equipment interaction
  • Biomechanics of sport performance
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Measurement and analysis of sport performers’ perceptions

Aimée has a strong research background in Sports Biomechanics and applying advanced statistical methods, such as functional data analysis, to better glean information of sport technology and athlete interaction.  To-date Aimée has applied this successfully to golf biomechanics, sporting apparel as well as to athlete perceptions of playing surfaces.  Aimée’s involvement in a range of research projects both at Loughborough University and at the University of Calgary has seen her build up a network of collaborations with professional sports governing bodies and the sports equipment industry.


Professional/ Academic Background:

2017 - Lecturer in Sports Technology

2016-17 – Consultant, Aimed Analysis, UK

2015-16 – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Calgary, Canada

2014-15 – Research Associate, Sports Technology Institute, Loughborough University

2009-2013 – PhD, Sports Technology Institute, Loughborough University

2008-2009 – MSc, Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University

2005-2008 – BSc, Sport and Exercise Science, University of Bath



Recent publications

Smith, A.C., Roberts, J., Forrester, S. and Veni, P. (2016).  Comparison of centre of gravity and centre of pressure patterns during the golf swing. European Journal of Sport Science

Owen, A, Smith, A.C., Osei-Owusu, P., Harland, A. and Roberts, J. (2016). Elite Players’ Perceptions of Football Playing Surfaces: A Mixed Effects Ordinal Logistic Regression Model of Players’ Perceptions. Journal of Applied Statistics

Nigg, B., Vienneau, J., Smith, A.C., Mohr, M, Trudeau, M. and Nigg, S. (2017). The preferred movement path paradigm: Influence of running shoes on joint movement. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise