Scholarly Communications

Writing up

Before you even put fingers to keyboard, take a moment to consider the following issues.

Is your work original, significant and rigorous?

The Research Excellence Framework (2014) only rewarded research that was world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of originality, significant and rigour.  Before you write, plan to ensure your output meets this criteria at the highest levels.  Better to write one excellent paper, than two good papers.

Have you checked your statistics?

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre offers advice to staff as well as students.

Who are you writing with?

In most disciplines, co-authored papers – especially those co-authored with international collaborators – are more highly cited than papers with no or internal/national collaborators. 

Does your contract allow academic publication?

If working with industry, ensure that you retain the right to publish your research wherever possible

Are you intending to apply for a patent?

If so, don’t publish anything until you have spoken to the Enterprise Office, as publication may make it impossible to obtain a patent.