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Dr Dalila Ammour Eng, Master, PhD

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Research Associate

Research Group: 
Applied Aerodynamics


Research Interests:
Turbulence, Turbulence Modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Heat and Mass transfer (conjugate heat transfer, natural and mixed convection), Applied Aerodynamics, Combustion and Fire, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Hydrodynamics.


Research Associate in Applied Aerodynamics.


  • Computational Fluids Dynamic Study of Turbulent Flows, Heat transfer, Applied Aerodynamics and Combustion Processes.


  • Engineer Degree in Marine Engineering, USTO Oran University, Algeria, 2005
  • Master Degree, University of Manchester and USTO Oran University, 2007
  • PhD, ‘Highly resolved LES and Tests of the Effectiveness of RANS Models for the Computation of Challenging Natural Convection Cases’, The University of Manchester, 2013

Past Positions:

  • Part Time Graduate Teaching Assistant, The University of Manchester, 2009-2013
  • Research Student, The University of Manchester, 2009-2013
  • Marine Engineer in Construction and Reparation Marine Company, Algeria, 2007-2009


Numerical Simulation of Pedestals Tiles Using Different Modelling Approaches like RANS and LES. Implementation and Development of SGS Pedestal Model to Resolve High Number of Pedestals in Lean Burn Combustor Liners.

Past research projects:

  • URANS and highly Resolved LES Numerical Investigation of Buoyant Flows Within Vertical and Tilted Cavities.
  • Highly Resolved LES of Unsteady Buoyant Flow Inside Horizontal Annulus Penetration (found in Nuclear Reactors).
  • Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Around Different Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Profiles.


Part Time Teaching Assistant, The University of Manchester

Regularly Preparing Tutorials and Labs for Undergraduate and MSc Students in Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics and CFD Tools like FLUENT and CCM+ and Programming Tools like FORTRAN and MATLAB, Regularly Teaching Tutorials (Theory) and Practical Labs (Experiment) for Undergraduate and MSc Students.

Tutor at InstaEdu Online Teaching

Prepare Written Courses for Students and Help Them in Several Fields: Mathematics, Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Computer Science and Foreign Languages (English, French, Arabic).

External Activities

Supervise Final Year Research Projects of MSc Students.

Publications and Awards

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  • EPSRC Research Bursary 2009-2012. The University of Manchester.
  • Award for Best Poster Presentation, 14th December 2011. Prize Offered by The University of Manchester.
  • Award for Best Poster Presentation, 1st July 2010. Prize Offered by The University of Manchester.
  • Award for Best Master Degree Student in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2007.
  • Award for Best Engineer Degree in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2005.