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4 Oct 2017

IAS Lecture: Is Media Populism a trusted servant to Political Populism?

Professor Gianpietro Mazzoleni, 11 October 12-1pm, Brockington U005

Professor Gianpietro Mazzoleni (University of Milan) is a world-leading expert on political communication, populism and mediatization. Along with Prof Sergio Splendore (University of Milan) he will be visiting the Institute of Advanced Studies in October 2017. This lecture will focus on populism, with the chance for the audience to ask questions.

Mainstream media tend to respond primarily to industrial imperatives. That prompts news outlets, especially television, to treat political issues, events and figures in ways that privilege the sensational, the controversial, the emotional, and to search entertaining elements in the news stories to lure audiences. This populism has been considered as conducive to political populism. The media, mostly unintentionally but often intentionally, raise popular sentiments and create climates of opinion that can easily tune in to antipolitic, anti-elite, xenophobic rhetorics that are used by populist forces. To what extent is this is true and what are the implications for democracy?

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