Public engagement

Public Engagement refers to any event, publication or activity which might open up a dialogue between a researcher and a wider audience.

This could be a public lecture, an appearance on TV or a stall at a science fair. It could be any means by which a researcher or an academic might involve the public in their work and collaborate with them, to the mutual benefit of both the public and the researcher. It can take place across all academic disciplines; involve a wide variety of ‘publics’ and take place on a great number of different platforms.

Such activities turn great research into research which has a real, positive impact on society. As a university which prides itself on producing research that matters, Public Engagement is an important and exciting part of our work. Loughborough is a trusted and valued research institution and we have an exceptional number of research partnerships with local, national and international organisations and businesses.

Across our multi-disciplinary and diverse research environment, Loughborough undertakes research and innovation that addresses real-life issues, contributing at the very highest levels to new knowledge that has real impact for business, industry and public sectors.

Public engagement is a vital way that we inform, inspire and engage the public that we work with, and we also recognise the vital role the public can play in inspiring and informing research undertaken at the university.

We are proud to be a university that works in collaboration with it local communities and local organisations -  recently, we signed the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement’s Manifesto for Public Engagement, visibly demonstrating our commitment to sharing our knowledge, resources and skills with the public.

What we do

We have academics, research staff and students across campus who are communicating their work in various effective and exciting ways.

There are exciting opportunities to work with schools, local organisations, and we’ve even had researchers performing in their own stand up comedy night!

We have taken part in numerous events such as science festivals and cultural exhibitions, and we regularly organise our own public lectures and other events where everybody is welcome.

The media also regularly ask our researchers for comment on a whole range of current topics such as energy issues, healthcare, social policy and technological advancement. We are pleased to be such an active institution in our local community and proud to produce research that matters in all areas of everyday life.

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