Policing Research Group


Qualitative Methods and Evaluation Workshops for Police Officers

January 12 and 13 @ 9:30am - 4:30pm

Burleigh Court Conference Centre and Hotel,

Loughborough University LE11 3TU

Free event

This event consists of two workshops on qualitative methods training and forms of evaluation for police officers and staff who wish to engage in their own research and/or evaluation projects.

Examples of sessions include:

  • Types of research and evidence-based policing;
  • Designing a research question;
  • Qualitative interviewing, focus groups and applied observation;
  • Conversation analysis for police officers: interviewing of suspects;
  • Forms of evaluation: process, impact and economic;
  • Practical activities including designing a research project and feedback.

The workshops are hosted jointly by the EMPAC Victims, Witnesses & Public Protection Network, the Advanced Research Methods Institute (ARMI), and the Centre for Child and Family Research (CCFR) at Loughborough University.

There are only limited spaces available at this event which will initially be offered to police officers and staff at EMPAC forces. If you are interested in attending or finding out more please email Dr Alex Black A.C.Black@lboro.ac.uk

Policing in Partnership: Working with Vulnerable Citizens and Communities 2015

The 2015 annual conference of the Policing Research Group focused on the themes of partnership, vulnerablity, communities and citizenship and was held as part of the University's Communication, Culture and Citizenship Research Challenge.

Over 50 delegates attended from academia, police, community safety partnerships, youth organisations, and social work. The keynote on Policing in Partnership was delivered by CC Simon Cole, Leicestershire Police while presentations included:

- The ESRC funded 'Burglary Project' (Prof Andromachi Tseloni, NTU and Samantha Hancock, Nottinghamshire Police)

- Community practice with Roma migrants (Dr Matej Blazek)

- Designing Custody: a Case from a Metropolitan Police Service (Dr Ross Ritchie)

- Mental Health and Care in Custody and Beyond (Chief Inspector Kim Molloy, Nottinghamshire Police)

- Protecting and Safeguarding Children through the Use of the Good Heart Model (Mel Hani)

- An Evaluation of the 'No Wrong Door' Project (CCFR and North Yorkshire County Council)

- Youth Participation - a Tool for Social Impact and Service Growth (Luke Rodgers, Foster Focus)

- Interviewing Witnesses with Learning Difficulties about Sexual Assault (Prof Charles Antaki)

- Investigative Challenges - Operation Nacreous (Detective Inspector Rob McKinnell, Nottinghamshire Police)


EMPAC Launch Event 2014

On 3 June 2014 Loughborough University hosted the first launch event of EMPAC as part of its Secure and Resilient Societies Research Challenge which allowed for communication and scoping of police and university research themes and challenges, and explored ways of moving forward. Over 80 delegates attended the event which explored the regional and national context of police and academic partnerships and showcased policing related research currently in progress at universities. The day included presentations from regional police and academic partners and a research mapping exercise to facilitate the development and strategic direction of the collaboration in terms of future research and CPD.