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Dr Lettie Bishop

Dr Lettie Bishop

Offering mentorship to PHC staff in her area of expertise in Exercise Immunology

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Dr Lettie Bishop is now an affiliated PHC member offering mentorship to PHC staff in her area of expertise in Exercise Immunology. She has co-supervised two PHC students to completion (Dr Christof Leicht and Dr Tom Paulson) and is now co-supervising a PHC student with Dr Christof Leicht and was part of the successful Coca-Foundation project which was delivered in 2011-2014.


  • PhD entitled ‘Effect of carbohydrate status on immune responses to exercise’, University of Birmingham (2000). Awarded the Ratcliffe Prize for Outstanding Postgraduate Achievement.
  • BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, First Class, University of Birmingham (1997). Awarded the C.T.M Davies Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Membership and involvement with professional bodies / associations

  • Member of the Physiological Society and the International Society for Exercise and Immunology (ISEI). Exercise Biochemistry consultant for the English Institute of Sport.
  • Journal editorial board member for Immunometabolism and IRSN immunology

Lettie’s research interests lie in the effect that exercise has on cellular and mucosal immune function in addition to interactions between exercise, immune function and inflammatory responses in healthy individuals and in those with chronic conditions.

Lettie’s recent research has focused on the effects of acute exercise and training on inflammatory responses, immunoendocrine function and respiratory infection incidence in elite and recreational athletes with spinal cord injuries.

She also has interests in the role of exercise on immune function and inflammation in renal disease and her recent work with chronic kidney disease patients was highly commended at the Da Vinci Health Technology awards in March 2010.

Over the past 10 years she has published over 45 papers on exercise immunology and is co-author on the recently published (Feb 2011) International Society of Exercise and Immunology Position Statement on Immune function and Exercise.

Lettie’s research is a mixture of both fundamental and applied research and involves a multidisciplinary approach encompassing exercise physiology, biochemistry, immunology and nutrition.
Recent external income generation.
•The Coca-Cola Foundation 2011 (with Prof V Tolfrey and Dr B Smith) - Developing a resource for a fit and healthy life among disabled people: Rehabilitation to Sporting Performance and the Promotion of Physical Activity (£296 000).
•Yakult Honsha Co Ltd 2011 (with Prof M Gleeson) - Effects of Yakult on common cold infection and mucosal immunity in endurance athletes. (£188 000, Sept 2011-Aug 2013).
•Da Vinci Health Technology Awards 2010 (Highly Commended) (with Prof J Feehally, Dr A Smith and Dr R Ferguson) Exercise Training in Chronic Kidney Disease (£2000).
•Yakult Honsha Co Ltd 2008 (with Prof M Gleeson) - Effects of a Probiotic Intervention on Infection, Cold Symptom Duration/Severity and Mucosal Immunity in Endurance Athletes. (£70 000 over 6 months, November 2008-May 2009).
•GlaxoSmithKline 2006 (with Prof M Gleeson, Dr C Hewitt) - The effects of prolonged exercise and Lucozade Sport on the migration of human Tlymphocytes towards the supernatants of respiratory virus infected airway epithelial cells. (£70 000 over 1 year, October 2006-October 2007).

Selected recent keynote and conference presentations

  • Bishop NC (2012) Exercise, immune function and infection: issues for Olympic and Paralympic athletes. International Convention of Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS), SSEC, Glasgow, July 19th-23rd, 2012
  • Bishop NC (2012) What can be done to minimise the risks of illness in athletes? International Convention of Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS),SSEC, Glasgow July 19th-23rd 2012
  • Bishop NC (2012) ‘Exercise and immunity in athletes’. European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) 22nd ECCMID, London, April 2nd 2012
  • Bishop NC (2011) ‘Immunology of Exercise : Impact of exercise and lifestyle on immune function and infection risk' CSEM-DJO Education Meeting , London, March 18th 2011

Selected recent publications

  • Gleeson, M. and Bishop N.C. (2013). URTI in athletes: Are mucosal immunity and cytokine responses key risk factors? Exercise and Sports Science Reviews, 41(3), 148-153.
  • Bishop, N.C. (2012) Overcoming microbial hurdles: keeping the Olympics infection-free. Future Microbiology, in press, August 2012.
  • Leicht, C.A., Bishop, N.C. and Goosey-Tolfrey, V.L (2012) Mucosal immune responses during court training in elite tetraplegic athletes. Spinal Cord. 43(8), 1414:1421.
  • Fletcher, D.K. and Bishop, N.C. (2012) Caffeine ingestion and antigen-stimulated human lymphocyte activation after prolonged cycling. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports 22, 249-248.
  • Leicht, C.A., Bishop, N.C. & Goosey-Tolfrey, V.L. (2011) Mucosal immune responses to treadmill exercise in elite wheelchair athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise 43,1414-1421.
  • Walsh, N.P., Gleeson, M., Shephard, R.J., Gleeson, M., Woods, J.A., Bishop, N.C., Fleshner, M., Green, C., Pedersen, B.K., Hoffman-Goetz, L., Rogers, C.J., Northoff, H., Abbasi, A. and Simon, P. (2011). Position Statement Part One: Immune Function and Exercise. Exerc Immunol Rev 17, 6-63.
  • Bishop, N.C. and Gleeson, M. (2009) Acute and chronic effects of exercise on markers of mucosal immunity. Frontiers in Bioscience, 14(12), 4444-4456, 2009.
  • Bishop, N.C. and Walker, G.J,. Gleeson, M, Wallace, F.A., and Hewitt, C.R.A. (2009) Human T lymphocyte migration towards the supernatants of Human Rhinovirus infected airway epithelial cells: Influence of exercise and carbohydrate intake. Exercise Immunology Review, 15, 42-59.