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Exercise as medicine

Exercise is beneficial to health, spanning from higher resiliance to illness (such as coughs and colds) to improving the risk for chronic disease (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease). However, disabilities can have an impact on what exercise can be done or how long it can be done for. Our research aims at finding exercise strategies “that work” and have a health benefit for those with a disability. 


  • How much exercise is too much? Infection risk in athletes with spinal cord injury
  • Impact of spinal cord injury level on the inflammatory response to exercise
  • Impact of hot water immersion on the inflammatory response in tetraplegics
  • Comparison of upper and lower body exercise on the inflammatory response to exercise
  • Boosting the inflammatory response by adding a temperature element to exercise
  • Training load, salivary immunoglobulin A and upper respiratory tract illness in elite paratriathletes
Research team

Dr Christof Leicht, Prof Vicky Tolfrey, Dr Tom Paulson, Dr Lettie Bishop, Sven Hoekstra, Ben Stephenson