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Project INSPIRED (Investigating Narratives and Stories to Promote and Inspire Regular Exercise in the Disabled) aims to promote physical activity through the power of stories.

What is involved?

  • Our aim is to understand the reasons people with a spinal cord injury are active or inactive.
  • What motivates? What inspires? What makes it easier or harder?
  • We are also interested in what benefits physical activity can bring – like increased self-confidence.
  • We will answer these questions through in-depth interviews with people with a spinal cord injury.

The power of stories.

  • We are all aware of the power of stories…
  • We always remember our favourite books, a great film or even a good joke…these stories stay with us for a very long time.
  • Stories affect how we feel – they can make us happy or sad or both
  • A good story can therefore communicate the benefits of physical activity in an engaging way.

What we will achieve.

Based on the real life stories of people with a spinal cord injury we will produce:

  • A series of powerful stories that:
    1. move people emotionally
    2. communicate important information on physical activity
    3. inspire people to be physically active
  • We will scientifically assess the capacity of these stories to get inactive people with a spinal cord injury to be physically active.