Our research and impact

In the biennial Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education, which recognise outstanding educational achievement in areas of service and benefit to the nation, Loughborough has been awarded seven Prizes for the quality of its research.

Research and skills development in High Value Manufacturing creating new products, processes and economic growth

"Loughborough University’s exceptional research, teaching and partnerships with industry help drive the development of High Value Manufacturing across many sectors, creating new processes and products, and increasing competitiveness and economic growth."

Citation, 2014

Reducing road traffic deaths: vehicle, road and driver safety research

"The University’s applied research into vehicle safety and driver sleepiness has made an outstanding contribution to international policies aimed at reducing deaths from road traffic accidents. The work has led directly to improved in- and out-of car safety measures, better road and motorway design and new accident data collection processes. It has uniquely and specifically highlighted the problem of driver sleepiness and had a recognised impact on this major cause of road accidents."

Citation, 2007

Evaluating and helping to develop social policy related programmes

"The University’s contribution to social policy through high quality research, with a record of relevance, practical orientation and innovation, is an outstanding example of how excellence in research can be applied with wide impact and benefit. It has influenced policy makers and legislators in the UK, resulting in better targeted policy, in particular as it affects neglected and disadvantaged groups."

Citation, 2004

World-leading role in sports research, education and development

"The University has an international reputation for its pioneering research and education in sports science. Its pivotal position is enhanced by strengths in coaching, elite performance and wide-ranging participation, and is reinforced with an extensive network of partnerships with industrial companies, external agencies and major sports bodies, many located on campus."

Citation, 2002

Optical engineering: applications and knowledge transfer

"The University has played a pioneering role in developing applications of modern optics and laser technologies to find practical solutions to real-world problems. Through its skills and experience in the field over many years, the University has become a national resource, internationally respected."

Citation, 2000

International Development Engineering: education, training, research and consultancy

"The Water, Engineering and Development Centre provides outstanding support for developing countries and is internationally recognised as a leader in providing sustainable infrastructure. Its partnerships with universities, aid agencies, non-governmental organisations and governments transcend academic, institutional and cultural boundaries in pursuit of improving quality of life for those most in need."

Citation, 1998

Partnership with aerospace and other industries

"An exemplary series of degree, diploma and research programmes for aerospace and automotive employment and commercial needs, attracting student applications on a worldwide basis. A model solution to the needs of the manufacturing industry."

Citation, 1994