Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre


How to Access the Facilities in LMCC

The facilities within Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre (LMCC) are located in the department of materials, but are available to all students and staff at Loughborough University. One of our aims is to provide materials characterisation which will improve the research outputs from the university. LMCC also allows users from other Academic institutions to use the equipment located within the centre.

How to Become a New Internal User

All internal users are charged an hourly rate for each piece of equipment, which is heavily subsidised. However the internal use is subsidised on the condition that LMCC is acknowledged on all publications which include data generated within the centre. 

We require an each user to create an account on our online booking system. Once you have created an account the researcher and their supervisor need to agree to the centres conditions of access which are located at on the LMCC internal website. We request that you then contact a member of LMCC to discuss the aims of your work and we will then advise on your training needs.

Once you have created an account and you and your supervisor have accepted the conditions of access, you will receive an automatic email confirming your account is active. You will then be able to login; you will be able to view the equipment availability but will not be able to make any bookings until you have received formal training on how to use that particular piece of equipment. 

How to Become a New User From Another Academic Institution

We advise that all external users contact LMCC to discuss your requirements. Once we have determined your requirements a formal quotation will be provided by LMCC. A purchase order will be required from your institution before the work is started. We also require an external user agreement form to be provided which is signed by your supervisor. It is vital we obtain a signed user agreement form before the work can start to ensure all parties are happy with the condition of acknowledging the centre on any publications which includes data generated in the centre. Please email the form to lmcc@lboro.ac.uk.

After we have received the user agreement form an account on the online booking system will be created if necessary. You will receive an automatic email with your login details.