Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre

Analytical Equipment

Sample Preparation

It is critical that sample preparation is considered before investing time on a microscope or other analytical equipment. Good sample preparation is the key to obtaining good results. LMCC is continually investing in new equipment to ensure samples can be produced, which will produce high quality micrographs on the high resolution microscopes we have available in the centre.

We have a range of sample preparation techniques available:

  • Gold Sputter Coater
  • Ion Milling for EBSD analysis
  • Mechanical Polishing
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • TEM Carbon Extraction Replicas
  • Site Specific TEM Samples Produced using a FIB
  • TEM Samples produced using Ion Milling
  • TEM Thin Foil Samples
  • Vibratory Polishing for EBSD analysis

LMCC provides a sample preparation service for external clients who wish to use our experience and proven refined techniques to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from each session on the microscopes.