Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre

Analytical Equipment

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) is also known as EBSP. EBSD is a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) technique applicable to crystalline materials which provides crystallographic information. An advantage of EBSD is that the microstructure can be characterised in detail and also quantified. Below is a list of examples where EBSD can be used to quantify the features within a microstructure:

  • Texture analysis
  • Phase identification
  • Grain size analysis
  • Grain boundary analysis to identify the rotation angles of specific boudnaries

In addition to standard EBSD analysis of surfaces which is conducted on our FEGSEM’s, we are also able to perform 3-dimensional EBSD and EDX analysis of structures using our focused ion beam (FIB).