Institute of Advanced Studies

Semester Themes

Call for Applications: Deadline 27th October 2017

As part of its ambitious programme of events for 2018/19, the IAS is putting out a call for two Semester Themes that will run sequentially from October 2018. These themes will last for the duration of an academic semester and comprise a series of activities organised around a specifically designated topic. (NB the three themes for 2017/18 are ‘Communication’, ‘Migration’ and ‘Energy’.) The core objective of these themes will be to bring established and emerging leading international researchers within relevant fields to both Loughborough campuses. The visits can be of varying duration, but are intended to provide a lasting legacy, through the promotion of new relationships and avenues for future collaborative research (including co-publications and funding applications).

It is anticipated that the management of these themes will be mainly located within a specific schools or CALIBRE programme, but we also welcome alternative proposals. As part of the application, we require the identification of a theme management team who will be responsible for designing and organising activities to be fulfilled under the chosen topic. This group will normally comprise a minimum of two Academic Co-Leads who will be responsible for identifying potential visitors and leading the organisation of events, in co-ordination with the IAS. In convening these groups we encourage inclusion of staff from across career stages and consideration of gender and other diversity issues.

Each theme will be allocated a budget of up to £25,000 and the theme management team will be responsible for ensuring the full and efficient use of that budget. In terms of activity, we would expect a range of events integrating visitors across both campuses. Potential events could include: international conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars, PGR focused events etc. 

As part of the application process we would also welcome suggestions as to potential visitors and events that might sit within the proposed programme of activity. We recognise this will be an indication of potential activity at this stage. (NB we ask that if you approach potential visitors that you make sure they understand that this is a competitive process.)

To Apply: Please complete the application form and return to along with a signed statement of support from the ADR of each Academic Co-Lead.

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