Institute of Advanced Studies

Annual Interdisciplinary Theme

Call for Applications: Deadline 27th October 2017

The core objective of this theme is to bring established and emerging leading international researchers from different disciplines to visit both Loughborough campuses. The visits can be of varying duration, but are intended to provide a lasting legacy, through the promotion of new relationships and avenues for future collaborative research (including co-publications and funding applications).

The theme should be organised around an imaginative and creative concept that both invites interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research activity, but also provides coherence and focus for the year’s visits and events. We envisage something along the lines of Durham University’s current year-long theme on the concept of ‘Scale’, which has led to the involvement of musicians, geographers and physicists among others.

We are particularly interested in a thematic focus that encourages interactions between the arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM subjects. Due to the exciting challenges such an interdisciplinary programme would present, we require proposals to be submitted by a management group comprising colleagues from across disciplines. As part of this team we anticipate that a minimum of two members will act as Co-Leads for the theme with up to three additional management group members. In convening this group, we encourage inclusion of staff from across career stages and consideration of gender and other diversity issues. Academic leads will be responsible for identifying potential visitors and leading the organisation of events, in co-ordination with the IAS.

The Annual Interdisciplinary Theme will be allocated a budget of up to £40,000 and the theme management team will be responsible for ensuring the full and efficient allocation of that budget. In terms of activity, events could include: international conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars etc. As this is a year-long theme we would also welcome the organisation of a series of connected activities related to the theme, for instance a monthly workshop, a lecture series, or regular seminars that will ensure the theme retains visibility and continuity for its duration. This programme of activity could include contributions from Loughborough-based researchers as well as external visitors.
We recognise this will be an indication of potential activity at this stage. (NB we ask that if you approach potential visitors that you make sure they understand that this is a competitive process.)

To Apply: Please complete the application form and return to along with a signed statement of support from the ADR of each Academic Co-Lead.

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