Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


1 December 2017

Symposium “Nationalism, Migration and the Arts”

Presented By Ele Belfiore and Alena Pfoser

About this event

This symposium examines nationalism, migration and belonging in Brexit Britain through conversations and on-going collaborations between academics and artists. It builds on the legacy of the Who are we? project which was launched as part of the Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in London in March 2017. The starting point of Who are we? was the perception of an increasingly divided Britain and Europe where new arrivals and immigrant communities increasingly face suspicions and hostility. Who are we? sought to reflect on the current situation as well as to develop alternative ways of imagining identity and belonging. The symposium continues and deepens this conversation by a) discussing the politics of inclusion and exclusion with Who are we? artists and an interdisciplinary group of academics, b) creating the space to reflect on the potentials and challenges of collaborations between academics and artists and c) asking what changes when we engage with questions of belonging and migration from the perspective of the cultural periphery.