Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


18 June 2018

New Media as Heritage: A networking event

Presented By Simone Natale, Sabina Mihelj, Emily Keightley and Alena Pfoser

About this event

How can we best preserve and disseminate histories of digital media? How are narratives about the emergence and development of computing and digital media created and disseminated in museum environments? How do they interact with other aspects of historical memory and heritage? And how are they received, understood, and elaborated by visitors to the museums? This networking event brings together museum professionals, research members of the CRCC, and scholars from the field of museum studies to ask how the social sciences and humanities and the cultural heritage sector can cooperate to address these important questions. It provides a platform for developing collaborations between the university and the cultural sector, including the development of joint funding applications and impact activities.