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Dr Nikos Sotirakopoulos

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Lecturer in Sociology

I joined the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough in 2015, after completing my PhD in Sociology and working as a part-time lecturer at University of Kent. I also hold an undergraduate degree in International and European Studies from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, and an LLB and an LLM from University of Kent.

I am interested in how in the last decades some of the core values and concepts of the modernity project, such as economic growth and individual agency have been problematized in the narratives both of the New Left and of the political and intellectual elites. Environmentalism is a case study I am particularly interested in, as a specific field where economic development and human agency are constructed in particularly negative ways. I am also interested in economic sociology and the application of the ideas of some schools of thought (especially the Austrian School and Marxism) in sociological theory. My short term research plans include the study of the rise of the ‘sharing economy’ and its sociological implications. I have also published on issues around the globalization process and its discontents, the forms of action and narratives of the anti-austerity movement in Greece and the internationalization of protest in the 2011 wave of contention, with a focus on the Occupy London campaign.

Research Monographs:

  • Sotirakopoulos, N. (2016), The Rise of Lifestyle Activism: from New Left to Occupy, Palgrave MacMillan.

Articles in refereed journals:

Chapters in books:

  • Sotirakopoulos, N. & Ntalaka, O. (2015), From the Streets and the Occupied Squares to the Central Political Field: the narratives of the anti-austerity camp in Greece, in Figueiras, R. & do Espirito Santo, P. (eds.), Beyond the Internet: Unplugging the Protest Movement Wave, Routledge (publication date: 28 December 2015)
  • Sotirakopoulos, N. & Rootes, C. (2014), Occupy London in International and Local Context, in Donatella della Porta & Alice Mattoni (eds.), Spreading Protest: Social Movements in Times of Crisis, ECPR Press, pp. 171-192.
  • Rootes, C. & Sotirakopoulos, N. (2013), ‘The Global Justice Movement.’ In D. Snow, D. della Porta, B. Klandermans, and D. McAdam (eds.) Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Social and Political Movements, Oxford: Wiley/Blackwell, Vol. 2, pp. 517-525.