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Dr Mark Monaghan

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Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy

I joined the Department in April 2016. Prior to that I worked in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds. I completed by my PhD in 2008 also at Leeds. My first degree was in sociology at the University of Liverpool. I work mainly in the area of social policy and criminology, but I am influenced by my background in sociology.

My primary research interests revolve around an analysis of ‘elites’. This has taken me in numerous directions. I have explored the influences and drivers of policy making looking at the relationship between science and evidence in the making of drugs and welfare policies. I have recently published work on State Criminality and Crimes of the Powerful. I am also interested in the theory and application of realist methods.

I convene modules on Criminological Theory and, reflecting my research interests, on Drugs Policy and Politics. I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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  • Monaghan MP, Evidence Versus Politics: Exploiting Research in UK Drug Policy-Making(Bristol: Policy Press, 2011)

Journal Articles

  • Monaghan, M. and Yeomans, H. (forthcoming, 2016) ‘Mixing drink and drugs: 'Underclass' politics, the recovery agenda and the partial convergence of English alcohol and drugs policy’, International Journal of Drug Policy
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Book Chapters

  • Monaghan, M. (2014) ‘Welfare Reform and Drugs Policy: Coalition, Continuity and Change’ in Sanders, T. and Harrison, M. eds Behaviourism, Social Policies and Social Divisions; new research voices on the ‘not-so-big society’, Bristol: Policy Press
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