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Operator Training & Performance Measurement in Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems


With the development and use of unmanned systems, both in the military and commercial sectors, there is a rapidly growing need for training programs and performance measurement to support these systems. Research has been carried out into the viability of a competency based training system for use with unmanned aerial systems and semi-automated decision process based, performance measurement.

Aims & Objectives of the research

  • To create a time and competency based structure related to operator task processes
  • To develop a performance measurement system that relies more on operator decision processes rather than actions
  • To create a semi-automated data collection and analysis system
  • To form the basis for future work relating to operator training, licensing and performance measurement

Research being undertaken

Research into Operator Training & Performance Measurement in Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems has required the creation of not just theoretical ideas and systems but also the creation of simulators and new ways in which to be to justify the theoretical aspect of the research.  Research has generated a theoretical model for both time based and human factor based performance measurement using the Mission Essential Competency(tm) training analysis system as inspiration; operator decision analysis is incorporated into performance measurement as some operator tasks do not require any physical input.

To support the above research it has been necessary to create a generic RPAS control station adapt physical measurement systems and has required the creation of a semi-automated performance measurement tool set.


So far results have indicated that

  • the theoretical structure is viable
  • decision phase analysis is viable
  • the bespoke performance measurement metrics and software should prove effective


Work in progress

Expected Impact

This research could influence the development of both commercial and military RPAS operator training and licensing systems globally


Operator Training and Performance Measurement in Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, Bedford, G., Kalawsky, R.S., Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Research Conference, London - November 2012 


For further information please contact Professor Roy S. Kalawsky or George Bedford

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