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visual conference

Visual communication: Multimedia methods for engagement and active learning

  • 26 April 2017
  • 11am - 4pm
  • West Park Teaching Hub

About this event

One of the key ways we communicate with our audiences is at odds with how our brains work, and with evolution. Despite being born with the ability to process imagery, and despite living in the most visual era of human existence, we throw slide after slide full or words at people. This workshop is concerned with how we can better match how we teach and communicate, with how we learn and process information. 

The workshop will explore how imagery generates engagement, provokes active learning and stimulates better recall. We’ll be talking about implications for how we may adapt our work as teachers, trainers and communicators to the modern, visual era. We’ll be looking at ways to evaluate the scope of visuality in learning, teaching and connecting with our audiences.

We’ll also be looking at visuality as a means of supporting the increasing number of dyslexic learners we recruit.

Practical exercises in group settings will help delegates get to grips with the ‘how’ of the process, for those who are interested. The session will then trigger its own critique. This is less a conference and more a conversation.

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