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photo of Professor Paul Fishwick

The Art and Science of Modelling by Professor Paul Fishwick

  • 12 June 2018
  • 5pm-7pm
  • CC.0.21, James France Building

About this event

One of the characteristics of being human is to model. In our history, we began with representations of animals made from natural materials, and painted on cave walls. We also made regular marks on animal bones. 

While the modern accounting of these products is art (animal representations) and mathematics (bone marks), a more comprehensive understanding points to modelling in both cases. We saw or imagined things, and then we made models of our experience. 
This talk will be a non-technical, cross-disciplinary, introduction to modelling. It will discuss the history of modelling, a way of thinking about modelling using three broad categories, the notion that computer and information science is a form of modelling and approaches to modelling across disciplines – from art and humanities to business, science, and engineering.

During the afternoon there is an opportunity to participate in a separate workshop.

Hosted by the Simulation Practices Research Interest Group at the School of Business and Economics, in association with the UK’s Operational Research Society Simulation Special Interest Group, attendants will have the opportunity to learn about research on client engagement in simulation modelling and operational research.
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