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Resilience Conference 2017: Responding to Complex Threats: Floods, Blackouts, and Hybrid Attacks

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Resilience Conference 2017: Responding to Complex Threats: Floods, Blackouts, and Hybrid Attacks

Loughborough University will be hosting the Resilience Conference 2017 on 20th and 21st September at the London campus in collaboration with The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Speaking at this year’s conference will be some of the major players in the resilience and defence sectors, full details will be released shortly.

As well as exploring key resilience issues, we will be running a poster competition for Postgraduate Researchers which will be held on 20th September to demonstrate the breadth of research in the area of resilience at Loughborough University and Loughborough University London. 

The conference will focus on:
• Securing Resilience – introducing the evolving concepts of resilience from key stakeholders.
• The Resilience Landscape - focusing on current-midterm future changes in land use in the UK and the resilience opportunities and threats this introduces.
• Environmental Resilience – looking at the environmental factors that might challenge the resilience of land utilisation, including how climate adaptation can be embraced to ensure opportunities are maximised.
• Research Methodological Approaches – exploring how academia and the policy community can better approach research questions and develop methodology that investigates these questions and delivers answers and recommendations within a policy-appropriate timeframe.
• Cyber Resilience for Assets and Infrastructure - looking at the link between the cyber and the physical, assessing the impact of cyber threats on the resilience of physical assets and infrastructure.
• Resilient Identities - focusing on how demographics and identities influence and affect resilience.
• Future Scenarios - taking a longer-term view of resilience, looking at future trends.

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