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Inactivation of microorganisms and proteins using cold gas plasmas

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This subject has been studied through several projects with an overall aim to assess microorganism and protein inactivation using cold atmospheric plasma (CAP).

CAPs are known to generate a large number of reactive species, charged particles and radiation that can be tailored to affect the metabolism and integrity of microorganisms and their building blocks: biomolecules. Despite the rapid growth of the field, the mechanisms governing the interaction of CAP with microorganisms and biomolecules remain unclear. Researchers at the CBE have shown that CAP can inactivate microorganisms, and inactivate proteins and misfolded beta-sheet protein agglomerates. These results open the possibility of an effective means of destroying prions, misfolded proteins believed to be responsible for fatal diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), scrapie, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases (CJD).

Ongoing research includes a focus on unravelling possible inactivation. In addition, CAP inactivation of food borne microorganisms has been demonstrated with plant tissue models.

Funding bodies

Project dates / duration

2005 - 2010

Project team



Dr Felipe Iza: F.Iza@lboro.ac.uk, 01509 227077

Project outputs / results


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