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Da Vinci Innovation Awards presentation

This initiative linked the scale and depth of the Loughborough University culture of customer-driven applied science, engineering and industrial partnership with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, one of the largest outside London.

It aimed to:

Peer to peer working in the clinical environment is critical to effective healthcare research. The IDBA created a portfolio of some 20 such immersive secondments to ensure the alignment of technology push and clinical need. IDBA events included workshops on ageing, innovation, clinical interface meetings (Da Vinci Health Technology Innovation Network) and 'sandpit' funding competitions.

Funding bodies

Project dates / duration

November 2006 - November 2009.

Project team


University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Project websites


Anna Seddon: A.J Seddon@lboro.ac.uk, 01509 223445.

Project outputs / results

Secondments / projects

Review of databases in Leicester to determine their usefulness for the study of determinants of risk factors for the metabolic syndrome

Validity of a Rheumatoid Arthritis simulation glove

The Genetic Pattern of Frequent Fallers

Collaborative stereo medical visualization

The Biomechanics of Fast Bowling: Implications for Performance and Injury Management

Exercise Tolerance in COPD

Uptake kinetics and capacity of Beta 2 microglobulin and albumin from peritoneal dialysis fluid on size selective adsorbents

Evidence based treatment manual for the reduction in reliance on excessive exercise by Anorexia Nervosa patients

The occupational and economic impact of insomnia

A feasibility study on a return to work intervention for colorectal cancer patients

Do interleukin-6 and its cognate receptors contribute to/or alleviate insulin resistance in T2 diabetes?

Analysis of distal breath samples from participants with lung cancer

The influence of exercise and vitamin D status on bone health and fall risk

Development of a computer vision system to automatically and validly assess radiographs of patients who have had total hip replacements (THRs) as part of their post-operative monitoring with the purpose of providing early identification of potential implant failure

Clinical interface meetings

Award competitions

Clinical exercise group

Innovation meetings

Ageing meetings


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