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research portfolio

A Prognostic and Diagnostic Environment for High Reliability Electronic Systems

Cost estimating for low volume, long life products in electronic defence systems

Design for Manufacture Methodology for System in Package Technology
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DISCOVER: Design and Simulation of Complex Low Volume Electronics Production
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Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System (FAMOBS)
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Glass Substrates for High Density Electrical and Optical Interconnect
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Integrated Health Monitoring of MNT Enabled Integrated Systems (I-Health)

Lithographically Printed Integrated Electronics (LPIE)
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Nanoparticle stabilized solder materials for high reliability applications
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Novel high energy density, high reliability capacitors

The Evaluation of Sonochemical Techniques for sustainable Surface Modification in Electronic Manufacturing

Thin-film deposition and laser patterning for high volume manufacture of electrical structures
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