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The Loughborough office of the Integrated Products Manufacturing Knowledge Transfer Network (IPMKTN) ceased operations on 31 August 2009 after almost 12 years of distinguished service to companies involved in the manufacture of complex integrated products. During its time of operation, the IPMKTN helped British businesses secure 150 million of public funding, representing a 25-fold gearing on the 6 million invested in the KTN by the Government since its inception as a Faraday Partnership in October 1997.

The IPM KTN evolved from the PRIME Faraday Partnership, which was established by partners at Loughborough University, The University of Nottingham, Pera and Fraunhofer TEG. Throughout its existence, the Partnership kept true to its origins as a Faraday Partnership, providing UK SMEs with direct access to support and assistance to develop new ground breaking products and processes. This was achieved through a set of bespoke products including feasibility studies, consortium building projects, and Spark Awards, the latter of which were emulated by a number of other KTNs. In addition, it commissioned and published a wide range of highly successful technology and market reports. Throughout the period, the Partnership received continuous support from public funding, enabling it to adopt a long-term view and see successful innovations develop in areas of strategic importance to the complex integrated products domain. Additionally, the KTN enjoyed excellent support from large companies, SMEs and trade organisations, underlining it's value to the community.

The networking activities of the the former IPM KTN were incorporated into the the Electronics Sensors and Photonics KTN. Information about this, and other KTNs may be found on the _Connect website.

As part of its operations the KTN formed a publishing house and commissioned many reports for its Technology Watch library from expert authors. These reports were available free of charge from the website and attracted an international readership with thousands of downloads per month. The icons below provide links to documents freely published on the original website.
Copyright assertions within some documents may still apply, so please check before republishing any of this material.

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